Terms & Conditions of Use

1.- This Privacy Policy describes the use and treatment by EFTI, S.L. of details of a personal nature provided by the user for the rendering of the Efti Network Service.
2.- The use of the Efti Network Service is voluntary and for the mere act of requesting the opening of a user account, it shall be understood that all personal details made available to EFTI, S.L. are provided with user’s consent.
3.- Details provided by the user for user profile’s description such as name, address, phone number, e-mail address, URL, personal image, etc. are intended for being seen by anyone accessing the Efti Network Service and are provided on the user's free, informed consent for such purpose after due check of the service's operation. The user represents that he is aware that this public nature of his/her profile is one of the features of the Efti Network Service.
4.- To the purposes of the provisions contained by General Act 15/1999 on Protection of Personal Details [Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal] user is hereby informed that his/her details shall be included in a file to be kept by Escuela de Fotografía y Técnicos de Imagen, S.L. (hereinafter, EFTI, S.L.) in order to provide compliance for the relationship arising from the Efti Network Service. Notwithstanding the above, user is reminded of his/her entitlement to exercise hi/her rights to access, rectify, cancel and object to treatment of his/her personal details in our registered offices located in C/ Fuenterrabía 4-6. EFTI, S.L. has proceeded to register a data file in the Spanish Data Protection Agency [Agencia Española de Protección de Datos] under the name of Efti Network.
5.- User consents that his/her personal details shall be treated for the provision of the Efti Network Service. 6.- Efti S.L. shall adopt all technical and organizational measures as necessary in order to ensure data security at all times in compliance both with the applicable legal provisions and the duty of secrecy required by the law. EFTI, S.L. shall not, under whatever circumstances, transfer any details provided.
7.- User hereby represents that he/she has full title and availability of all personal details provided to Efti S.L. for the rendering of the Efti Network Services. Under no circumstances user is allowed to provide to Efti Network personal details on individuals other than himself/herself.
8.- In the event that the user utilizes a personal image of other individuals for the composition of his/her own portfolio, it shall be understood that he/she has obtained consent from the image owner for publication and reproduction. For the mere act of placing in his/her portfolio pictures of other people, the user hereby provides Efti S.L. rights of reproduction and dissemination of the image of the people published in said portfolio and for this purpose. In no event shall Efti S.L. be liable for claims from third parties whose image had been utliized by the user.
9.- A user placing images in his/her portfolio represents to be the legitimate author of the same and to have full entitlement to exercise rights to reproduce, distribute, publicly disclose, alter and provide interactive availability of said images for worldwide use for an indefinite term, carrying out their publication in Efti Network under his/her sole responsibility.
10.- For the mere act of its publishing in the user’s profile or portfolio, user hereby allows public disclosure and dissemination of his/her image. It is forbidden to user the utilization of images of any third parties which may affect such third parties’ rights to honour, privacy and self image. In the event that any user publishes any details in violation of third-party rights or which may affect rights to honour, privacy or self-image of other individuals, EFTI, S.L. reserves its right to delete said images.
11.- For the mere act of uploading details and images to the Efti Network Service, user undertakes to be bound to the Spanish law and to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the city of Madrid.